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Music for viola and electronics II

Image of Music for viola and electronics II


On Music for viola and electronics II, Banabila and Van Geel
explore further into their neo classical mix of viola improvisations,
ambient textures, minimal compositions, and modular experiments.

After their collabs on 'Music for viola and electronics', (2014)
Michel Banabila and Oene van Geel decided to continue their
recording sessions, again combining viola with electronics.
This time they invited Eric Vloeimans on trumpet, Keimpe de Jong
on contrabas clarinet, Joost Kroon on drums, Emile Visser on cello
and Radboud Mens for Ableton programming.
Emile plays in Zapp String Quartet with Oene, Eric performed live
with Oene and The Nordenians, Eric and Michel worked before on
their award winning album VoizNoiz 3, Keimpe and Michel
performed together in a theatre play, Radboud and Michel worked
on ZoomWorld and many other projects together.
The artwork is again by photographer Gerco de Ruijter.
Comes in a black&white digipak.

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